About us

Sofie stands for the Society of Free and Independent Enterprise

Sofie Enterprises was born in a Covid19-stricken world, one of the most challenging and unsettled times the business community has ever seen.

Sofie believes in the enduring truth that we all need each other. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a social entrepreneur or whether you run a small business or are a manager or employee of an organisation (small or large) we are all part of our community.

Join Sofie for connections with like-minded business owners. From business breakfasts to supper clubs; from webinars to workshops, we help you meet local businesses both large and small in friendly, relaxed settings to foster strong connections and develop your business skills

Our charitable giving programme is a simple yet brilliant way for all business owners to be connected with and support those who are there for us when we need them.

We commit to giving 15% of membership fees to charities and not for profit organisations. All members are actively involved in selecting 3 worthy causes to be recipients on a bi-annual basis.

By creating a network of positive, like-minded business people we will find strength in community. By creating fun, informal and events we will bring people together to learn about ourselves, one another and the world.

We run the Witney Business Breakfast, host the 1845 Supper Club and offer a range of events, webinars and workshops all to foster integration within all areas of the business community in West Oxfordshire. 

Find out more about who we are and what we stand for by watching our Youtube channel

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