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Sofie has lots of inspiring events to help you build a better business and as a member all Sofie Enterprises Webinars are FREE to attend!

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Be bold

Business Breakfast

These are fun and informative sessions where you can hear from a business expert, network and enjoy an early morning business boost. (see below).

Be enterprising

Supper Club

Our 1845 Supper Club (so named because that’s the start time), combines an evening of good food, good wine and great company! (see below).

Be connected


Our webinars are not like everyone else's! They are interactive and personal. You will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion. They take place on Zoom and provide an informal, friendly environment to explore the key issues for businesses. 
(see below).

Be connected


Bringing together a team of advisers to get you thinking about the key issues you are going to need to work through to secure the future of your business.
(see below).


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