1845 Supper Club September 2021 (Member)

21st September 2021
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
The Bay Tree Burford

1845 Supper Club

Join us on 21 September

From Surviving to Thriving.....  

Come to the 1845 Supper Club to hear the incredible business and life story of successful Oxfordshire entrepreneur, Tobyn Brooks, the founder of the world’s leading specialist Nissan Figaro garage.   

Join us and other business owners to hear the inspiring story of Tobyn's personal transformation from an early childhood of drug addiction and homelessness and his physical struggle to overcome severe disabilities caused by the abuse.

Tobyn's personal journey parallels his business in creating transformations. Having restored thousands of cars for clients all over the world, created cars for well known personalities and TV shows and being at the forefront of research, development and innovation for classic cars Tobyn’s journey has lessons for all business owners. Having gone through an MBO in 2019 and now working alongside his partner Danny Smith he has a wealth of knowledge to share not only on overcoming near fatal adversity, but about personal growth, team building, branding and  most importantly giving back.   

An inspiring story not to be missed.