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In this Age of Corona business ethics are going to be fundamental.   Our publications are designed to support you and help you engage with other business owners who face the same challenges that you do. 

In the World of Large Corporations, State Agencies and Supra-National Agencies wrongdoing by those organisations can seemingly appear unstoppable and as a business owner you may feel powerless.  But these organisations can only operate through men and woman and if harm, loss, injury or fraud to your person or property is caused after they are put on notice you may have a remedy against those individuals in their personal capacity.    

To invoke the common law (and prepare the ground for future civil or criminal law liability of wrongdoers) a set procedure is recommended.  This involves issuing a Notice of Liability in a particular form, served and recorded in a specific way.  The procedures is designed first and foremost to reach out to men and woman who may be unaware of wrongdoing or have some awareness but, out of fear, do not perhaps wish to see or to enquire.  

Sofie Enterprises is working in collaboration with 369 Freedom.  They will hold a database copy of all Notices of Liability.

We are building our resources.  The video clip of Roscoe and James in conversation with Alastair will give you a feel for what we are about.  Come with us on a wonderful Cook's Tour as men and women of business dream of a Family of Nation States in a new Commonwealth for mankind.  As the Everyman Chronicles play out imagine that Land of Hope and Glory and Father of the Free when men and women are infused with that sublime Spirit of Enterprise. 

Join our community and let's set to work to build that wonderful New Jerusalem of all our dreams.

Here is the Notice of Liability served on the Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford with the Statement of Facts and here is the link to the tell-tale article in the Guardian where the "money beans" were inadvertently spilled.  Always follow the money as the Silicon Valley Boys teach us.  The Catalogue of Evidence shows the damning indictment.  For access to all the evidence join as a Publication Member for a one off £12.

Grass Roots Action

In the short term work must first be focussed at the grass roots level.   In that regard we are working with UK Freedom Project on a series of campaigns.  The first targets GP Surgeries, the second Schools and the third Suppliers who are damaging your interests as a  business owner through their unlawful conduct.

Here you can access a copy of the Open Letter of Complaint  sent to the Senior Partner of a a GP Surgery in Chipping Campden and copied to relevant Regulators.  The first attachment to that letter is from the website communications with the Surgery.  These show the Doctor's ignorance of the experimental nature of the drugs being pushed on us.  Like an abusive partner the State refuses to take no for an answer and uses the busy, the innocent and the frightened to do their dirty work We have come to learn that deceit and deception are employed at every turn.  

Here in the testimony of Dr Vladimir Zelenko to a US Senate hearing and is a (partial) explanation of why this has happened.  To paraphrase: there is no money for Big Pharma in generic drugs and Big Pharma, and those who speak for and make common cause with  Big Pharma, have captured most World Governments and World Agencies. 

But there are safe and effective treatments and drugs which are being hidden from us.   Here is a link to Home-Based Covid-Treatment  written by expert and caring US Physicians.  You, your family and your employees need to know about this.

For those wanting to know more about what lies behind this madness and stupidity, please become a member of Sofie.  Before you do start by watching the Everyman Chronicles.

Building our New Jerusalem

We hear endlessly from our political leaders around the World about how their agenda is to Build Back Better.    For a different take on where we are, how we got here and how we need to get out of the mess we are in please have a read of our New Jerusalem Thinking.  

"We are the ones" as the Hopi Elders teach.  So please do come along to a Sofie event and check us out.  That New Jerusalem is going to take some building and the World needs as much help as possible to make sure we get there in double quick time.  Team work makes the dream work and there is no better team than your fellow business owners.