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Worrying about where to go next with your business? Can’t see a way forward? Don’t know which way to turn? Becoming overwhelmed with business decisions?  

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S.O.S. Sound Out Sofie S.O.S. Sound Out Sofie S.O.S Sound Out Sofie S.O.S 

How to weather the storm?

Here at Sofie Enterprises we recognise that every business has been coping with enormous challenges and change over the last few months. And, the world for business owners and entrepreneurs is not going to get any easier. The issues of finances, cashflow, staffing and perhaps even restructuring or moving into new business areas are all real and present concerns.

Pick up the phone and S.O.S. - Sound Out Sofie 01386 240145


 Sofie is launching a dedicated service for all those businesses that need a confidential and supportive listening ear: our Sound Out Sofie initiative gives any business owner or manager the opportunity of a FREE 15 minute S.O.S consultation to confidentially discuss their specific business issues.

If we think one of Sofie’s carefully-selected lead advisers may be able to help, we can then arrange a more in-depth FREE 30 minute S.O.S review of your issues with an expert advisor (via Zoom).

 This will be followed by a  FREE S.O.S Zoom meeting with at least 2 relevant business experts. By acting as a sounding board for you the experts, guided by you, will be able to quickly drill down into the nub of your situation  and give you an initial assessment of how they think they might be able to help.  

After that 2 hours of FREE advice and support, the advisers will (on an initial basis)  identify what your options are and what changes should take place to move your business forward.  They will then, if requested, let you have a proposal to confirm that advice and if you and they think it appropriate let you have a proposal for any assignment identified during the free consultation.

All of this is undertaken in the strictest confidence – we want to help save you and your business from unnecessary stress and anxiety in this Covid19 stricken world.

Want to be relieved of business stress? Then just pick up the phone for a friendly, confidential chat about where you are, and where you want to go! 

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