WBB Breakfast meeting Apprenticeships & Internships Part 2

16th July 2020
7:15 AM - 8:45 AM
Online via Zoom

Apprenticeships & Internships 


Join our Open Forum meeting on how we can help create better links between business and education

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Apprenticeships & Internships Part 2

Join us for Part Two of the WBB open forum on Apprenticeships and Internships in West Oxfordshire.  

What might the community be able to do better to bring together business owners, schools and colleges to find new ways to connect and inspire our children and young people?

What, too, are the opportunities for older people who may have been made redundant or are looking for a new start?

With the post lockdown world facing us all, and talk of a new Government initiative, now is perhaps the time for new thinking in this crucial area.

For many years many Oxfordshire businesses have struggled to recruit in a full employment economy.  So the optimist may assume that it will not take long before talent and opportunity are matched.  Do we though have confidence that our community is sufficiently well organised to ensure the efficient and effective matching of opportunity with talent. 

 Our virtual Zoom breakfast on 20 June (with its 9 speakers and 6 break out room) raised lots of thought-provoking questions about how schools and businesses might work better together.  Those of us who attended sensed both a cultural and a systems challenge.  As ever, people and technology the issue if the world is to change happily and for the better.  

The WBB team will present a case study from Blockley village.  A case study about the saving of a village shop with a cafe.  A project conceived in 2008 by another driven man (another radical thinker) and those who believed in him.  A case study that shows what amazing things can happen when each of us believes in the Churchillian mantra, 'Action this Day'. 

Come and discuss how you might help us shape our future as that community did in 2008